Sunday, March 21, 2010

It was in the 70's today which meant that I spent all of my time outside. This entire weekend has been beautiful. Makes it very difficult to spend time in my studio. My dear husband built me a wonderful studio in what was our attic. It has everything that a creative person could possible want - good lighting, a fabulous computer system, more paper and embelishments than one could possible use, comfortable chairs and most of all LOTS of LOVE in this studio. I have had so many wonderful times up in my studio creating. Of course my best memories are of when my BFF and I would create together. She has since moved to another state and I miss her so. We would spend hours in the studio laughing, creating and eating M&Ms and then creating some more sometimes until late at night. Oh how I miss those days. I long to have them back. Alas we all need to move tonight I am in my studio with my daughter Robyn and we are working a chipboard book about her life. We are making memories together! I am loving it.

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  1. Awh, honey, I'm missing our playtime, too. Life is funny-never know what our future holds. For now, I enjoy that little girl soon to be a young woman!!!