Sunday, March 14, 2010

Its raining It's pouring!!

They say if all this rain that we are having was snow we would now have at least 3 feet! Not that would mind as I prefer snow to rain. I would rather get wet with snow and besides a newly fallen snow is so beautiful. The sky is grey but a different grey than when it rains. Enough about the weather. Yesterday I took my friend Joyce (she has a broken right leg = no driving) out for the afternoon. Joyce is also a scrap booker and card maker so guess where we guessed it- scrap booking stores! There is a store locally which I had never been to (The Crop Shop) so that was our first stop. The store is unblievable it is hugh and each room had a theme Travel, baby, youth , sports) Ah, where to begin. I was on a quest for copic markers. Since I do not have any and really want to start making digi cards (Sassy Sheryl, Mo Manning, Shirley's 2 Girls) my plan was to purchase some markers so that I could begin.  Unfortunately Dee, the owner was totally sold out - not a marker to be had! She said that she would be getting a new shipment in a week or so -sigh.... I did buy some beautiful papers, like I need MORE paper. We then went on the AC Moore. They have so much scrap booking on clearance! When I asked why they said that they were getting ready to bring in new products. Joyce did well at AC Moore. Joyce and I then went to a Chinese restaurant that she knew about. I was delicious! So despite the down pour we had a great day. Sometimes it is just fun to go our and play with our friends.
Happy Sunday!

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  1. Oh, how I would love to have come along! Sounds like a wonderful day, my friend!!!