Saturday, April 3, 2010


I was going great guns on my name book for Robyn until I woke up one morning with a severe headache. I went to work but by the end of the day my neck was so stiff that I could not turn my head. I spent the next day in bed thinking that it would just go away to make a long story short I ended up at Mass General and was diagnosed with an inflamed carotid artery in my neck. No crafting for this gal for awhile.  It has been a week and today I was finally able to move my neck a little. Guess where I went guessed to right to my studio. i am having Easter dinner for 9 at my house tomorrow so I made some place cards and containers for Easter candy. I wasn't sure that I would finish but  did. Of course my neck is letting me know that it is very unhappy right now. Hopefully the next week will be better and I will be in the studio finishing my book. Have a Blessed Easter.

Friday, March 26, 2010

A treat

Today I treated myself to a trip to my new favorite find, The Crop Shop to get some paper (like I NEED more paper! The Crop Shop has been around for several years and I just recently discovered it. I really went down because I am working a chipboard book which spells out my daughter's name - Robyn and I did in fact need some more paper. Of course I also found some cute lime green rings to bind the book together. I also went looking for copic markers. They will not be getting them in a week or so - guess I will have to go back. I don't have any markers but would like to give them a try. Can anyone suggest a which colors I should start out with?I came home all excited about working on my book only to remember that I left my studio a I had to clean it before I could get started on my project. My little cleaning turned out to be a big project!  I have to say that I feel really good about my cleaning and purging. I clean studio is a happy studio!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It was in the 70's today which meant that I spent all of my time outside. This entire weekend has been beautiful. Makes it very difficult to spend time in my studio. My dear husband built me a wonderful studio in what was our attic. It has everything that a creative person could possible want - good lighting, a fabulous computer system, more paper and embelishments than one could possible use, comfortable chairs and most of all LOTS of LOVE in this studio. I have had so many wonderful times up in my studio creating. Of course my best memories are of when my BFF and I would create together. She has since moved to another state and I miss her so. We would spend hours in the studio laughing, creating and eating M&Ms and then creating some more sometimes until late at night. Oh how I miss those days. I long to have them back. Alas we all need to move tonight I am in my studio with my daughter Robyn and we are working a chipboard book about her life. We are making memories together! I am loving it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

and the sun will come out tomorrow

and it did..after three days of torrential rain the sun is finally out and the temps are in the 50s! It is like spring Everyone is out  and about, the only problem is that we have severe flooding in our area. They have actually declared a "state of emergency" in Massachusetts. The roads are flooded so the traffic is all backed up. I had to go pick up my friend Joyce from work should have taken 6 minutes and it took over an hour.  Such in life.

I have spent the past couple of days in my studio creating. I had so many pictures that needed to be scrapped. After my recent to the scrap book store I was inspired to get these photos out and create away. I am also working on an altered book for my daughter Robyn. It is so good for the soul.  i am also reading a fabulous book called "Little Bee". I highly recommend it. Of course I have been working on my latest afghan. I find crocheting very relaxing and I have a destination for this afghan.

Hope your day is a wonderful as mine has been.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Its raining It's pouring!!

They say if all this rain that we are having was snow we would now have at least 3 feet! Not that would mind as I prefer snow to rain. I would rather get wet with snow and besides a newly fallen snow is so beautiful. The sky is grey but a different grey than when it rains. Enough about the weather. Yesterday I took my friend Joyce (she has a broken right leg = no driving) out for the afternoon. Joyce is also a scrap booker and card maker so guess where we guessed it- scrap booking stores! There is a store locally which I had never been to (The Crop Shop) so that was our first stop. The store is unblievable it is hugh and each room had a theme Travel, baby, youth , sports) Ah, where to begin. I was on a quest for copic markers. Since I do not have any and really want to start making digi cards (Sassy Sheryl, Mo Manning, Shirley's 2 Girls) my plan was to purchase some markers so that I could begin.  Unfortunately Dee, the owner was totally sold out - not a marker to be had! She said that she would be getting a new shipment in a week or so -sigh.... I did buy some beautiful papers, like I need MORE paper. We then went on the AC Moore. They have so much scrap booking on clearance! When I asked why they said that they were getting ready to bring in new products. Joyce did well at AC Moore. Joyce and I then went to a Chinese restaurant that she knew about. I was delicious! So despite the down pour we had a great day. Sometimes it is just fun to go our and play with our friends.
Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring is in the air!

We have had three beautiful days in a row temperatures in the 50's, sunny it makes my heart  sing. I am truly a spring and summer gal. Forget the cold winter. While walking my dog Lily, I saw my first crocus of the season. I wanted to take a picture but my camera seems to be missing in action. The breeze still has a bit of a chill in it but the sunshine more than made up for it. The birds were chirping and I noticed the buds on the trees. It is as if everything is awakening. All I can say is wonderful.  May you all have a glorious day.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just checking in...

It has been a few days so I thought that I would check in. My  son, Rob is home from Johnson & Wales for spring break. He had to have his wisdom teeth removed so I am playing nurse this week. Tring to get some creative work done as well.