Tuesday, March 16, 2010

and the sun will come out tomorrow

and it did..after three days of torrential rain the sun is finally out and the temps are in the 50s! It is like spring Everyone is out  and about, the only problem is that we have severe flooding in our area. They have actually declared a "state of emergency" in Massachusetts. The roads are flooded so the traffic is all backed up. I had to go pick up my friend Joyce from work should have taken 6 minutes and it took over an hour.  Such in life.

I have spent the past couple of days in my studio creating. I had so many pictures that needed to be scrapped. After my recent to the scrap book store I was inspired to get these photos out and create away. I am also working on an altered book for my daughter Robyn. It is so good for the soul.  i am also reading a fabulous book called "Little Bee". I highly recommend it. Of course I have been working on my latest afghan. I find crocheting very relaxing and I have a destination for this afghan.

Hope your day is a wonderful as mine has been.

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  1. Oh, sweetie, so glad you're getting up to that fabulous craft room and creating---you are too good not to! Hugs to my BFF!!!